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Teresa Cetto

Teresa Cetto

WA near Seattle or south eastern MA RI
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  • S. DENNIS, Massachusetts
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Why I'm interested:

I believe this is the kind of intentional neighborhood community that is right for me.

Other information:

DoB 1953. Female. Possibly have my partner Rick settle in with me. I have researched extensively into intentional communities and would like to find an established community to settle into or find like minded individuals to create our new cohousing neigborhood. It is important to me to have a common house to have 2 or more meals weekly together and share celebrations and activities, and also work parties. I am seeking to find a multigenerational community that can use my expertise at grandmotherly child care and craft making. My career background had been as a self employed artist /craftwoman. I am also considering senior cohousing if that is what is meant to be.
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