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Cohousing is a great place to live in later years, but not without challenges. This topic is all about doing it well. 

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Checking In on Senior Cohousing – Across the Country and Over Time
Cohousing Over Time
Sage Senior Cohousing Advocates panel, with Alexandria Levitt as Moderator

Senior cohousing communities are on the rise. The challenges of aging grow as well. Our panel is comprised of members from 3 senior communities who will speak to the successes and concerns they have faced over time as they and their neighbors age: community building, recruitment, physical limitations, caregiver suites, end of life issues, resident departures and more.

Participants will learn how these groups are faring and come away with ideas to help your own community.

Supporting Documents:
Eldering in Community
Connecting in Cohousing
Laird Schaub

Many people aspire to make the lessons they’ve collected over the course of their lifetime available to others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be asked, or will be able to find a suitable venue to share it. Ouch! In this workshop we unpack the dimensions of Eldering through these subtopics: Dearth of Ritual, No Broom to Jump, It’s a State of Mind, It Takes Patience, Don’t Wait for the Phone to Ring, Turning Over Your Work to Others, Downshifting, Know What You Don’t Know, Low Threshold of Delight, The Dynamics of Social Capital, Intergenerational Challenges