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Most cohousing communities try to care for their environment in their building choices and lifestyle practices. The sessions in this topic share ideas and strategies for living lighter while living well.  

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Bridges to Cohousing: Housing That’s Green
Bridges to Cohousing: Housing That's Green
Liz Walker, Erik Bonnett, Jesse Sherrie, Mike Wird, Sky Blue

Human climate impact is a major concern affecting the way we live and need to live in the future as the earth continues to be harmed by human economic, lifestyle, and political choices.

Cohousing shows we can live a life using less and sharing more through community. Learn from sustainability experts on how cohousing can lower the ecological footprint of housing from materials and design during development to energy use and other practices once inhabited.

Liz Walker and Sky Blue are long-time community veterans offering a perspective of living embedded within EcoVillage communities where sustainability drives all aspects of lifestyle and design. Both have spent decades advocating for community development in the US and abroad, and will be sharing based on powerful lived-experience of what works.

Mike Wird and Erik Bonnett are eco-designers with dynamic backgrounds empowering them to share about what kinds of design will be the most sustainable, particularly related to community design. They will be speaking about permaculture, green building materials, designing for energy efficiency and more.

Cohousing and Sustainability
Cohousing Affordability
Laura Fitch

This session will explore how a cohousing community can be uniquely positioned to push the edge of sustainability.

Permaculture Theory
Sharing and Caring
Connor Stedman

By understanding and regenerating the patterns and processes of ecosystems, communities can be designed for resilience in the face of climate disruption.

Supporting Documents:
Sustainability Panel
Sharing and Caring
Connor Steadman, James Childress

Panel discussion on sustainability and cohousing with Connor Steadman and James Childress