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The beginning of any community is the challenging process of obtaining buildings. For most communities this involves buying land, designing buildings, and managing development.  These sessions look at various aspects of this process.  (See Design, for sessions related to that part of the process.)

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Do we need a developer? Choosing your development strategy
Stepping into Cohousing
Katie McCamant

How do we actually get our project built? How have other groups done this? Should we self-develop? Do we need a developer? What do developers do? How do we find one? What other professionals do we need? Katie McCamant, who has worked as an architect, project manager, development consultant, and developer with cohousing groups for the last 30 years will present how cohousing groups have gotten their projects built, outlining the pluses and minuses of different development scenarios, using real case studies of past and current projects to help participants evaluate the best way for their community to move forward.

Hiring Professionals to Get Your Community Built
WebChat #8
Katie McCamant

Hiring Professionals to Get Your Community Built
Who do you need, in what order?
Criteria: Who are you looking for?
Keys to a successful relationship
Hiring from within your group

Project Delivery Methods – You have choices
Stepping Into Cohousing
Molly Jones and Bryan Bowen

This session will describe the various structures within which communities, architects and contractors can work together, explore the pros and cons of each and assist you in choosing the one that is best for your community.

Stages of Cohousing Development
WebChat #38
Katie McCamant

Cohousing development is a long and complex process which can be divided into stages. Each stage has different tasks and challenges and requires different resources and skills to navigate successfully. In this WebChat, Katie will describe the stages and what is needed to successfully complete each one.

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