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Session 1

Community Land Trusts

Housing Discrimination

CHUC: Affordability in Perpetuity

Evidence Based Affordable Cohousing

Session 2

Living in an Affordable Cohousing Unit

Affordability in Living in Cohousing

Retrofit Cohousing and the “Secret Sauce”

Customization Kills

Session 3

Low Cost Housing

Retirement Cohousing

Examples of Affordable Cohousing

Community Mortgage Success

Pre-Conference WebChats

Conference Schedule

9:00a10:00a11:00a12:00pWelcome and Intro – Ballroom
9:20a10:20a11:20a12:20pKeynote with David Dworkin – Ballroom
9:50a10:50a11:50a12:50pNetworking – Ballroom Prompts
10:15a11:15a12:15p1:15p Break (15 min)
10:30a11:30a12:30p1:30pSession 1 (60 min)
Options (Choose a room below):
– Community Land Trusts – Room 1
– Housing Discrimination Room 2
– CHUC: affordability in perpetuity Room 3
– Evidence Based Affordable Coho Room 4
11:30a12:30p1:30p2:30p Break (15 min)
11:45a 12:45p 1:45p2:45pSession 2 (60 min)
Options (Choose a room below):
– Affordable Units – Room 1
– Affordability in Living Room 2
– Retrofit and the Secret Sauce Room 3
– Customization Kills Room 4
12:45p1:45p2:45p3:45p Break (15 min)
1:00p2:00p3:00p4:00p Session 3 (60 min)
Options (Choose a room below):
– Low Cost Housing – Room 1
– Retirement Cohousing Room 2
– Examples of Affordable Room 3
– Mortgage Success Room 4
2:00p3:00p4:00p5:00pClosing and TakeAways Ballroom
2:30p3:30p4:30p5:30pOpen Discussions – Click here for options and zoom rooms or to add your own.
3:00p4:00p5:00p6:00pEnd of Event

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