Our Team
Neil Planchon
Outreach & Program Manager

I am a co-developer, founding owner and longtime resident of a San Francisco Bay Area Cohousing community. I have served as a board and staff member for the Cohousing Association of the US, and for several years, ran a national Cohousing communities tours program which introduced hundreds to Cohousing. I sit on the Cohousing Research Network steering committee (http://www.cohousingresearchnetwork.org) and am Co-Director at the Foundation for Intentional Community (https://www.ic.org)
Since 2003, I have worked one-on-one with cohousing and intentional community residents, residents-to-be and with professionals supporting the growth of the community movement. For the most part, clients seek to create more community in their lives and deepen their experience of the community which they are already part of.