Session Recordings

Community Sustainability & Resilience Bryan Bowen

Lessons from the Token Crystal Byrd Farmer

Aging in Intergenerational Cohousing David Entin

Using Communication and Planning for a Smoother Budget Process Diane Craig and Mary Gove

Net Zero: Cost-Effectively Achieving Climate Imperatives Erik Bonnett

Design of Urban Cohousing Grace H Kim, MacKenzie Stonehocker and Leslie Shieh

Community Living at it’s BEST! Karin Hoskin

Creating Community with Intention Laurie Frank

L’habitat participatif, density and retrofit in French Cohousing Mathilde Berthe

Cohousing as a Crucible for Change Robin Allison

Specialized or Affinity Group Cohousing Roger Studley, Kathryn M McCamant

Interest to Commitment – The Magic of Using a CRM System for Marketing and Recruitment Shelly Parks

Time Management in Meetings Ted Rau

Housing for the Future: Cohousing & Cooperatives Anne Reynolds

Keynote with Anne Reynolds

In the context of today’s housing crisis, how might we create affordable housing options that foster connection, support ecological regeneration and create economic wellbeing for all?

The Cohousing Association of the US was proud to feature Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductee, Anne Reynolds, as the keynote speaker for the opening night of the National Cohousing Conference.

Anne Reynolds

Anne Reynolds has been a driving force in the Cooperative movement for almost 35 years, and was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2019. 

As they stated, she has been “a fixture of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Cooperatives—the U.S.’s premier cooperative research center—Anne has contributed significantly to scholarship on cooperatives. Her career has not only spanned co-op sectors, but bridged gaps: between academics and business leaders, between strategic thinking and practical application and across deep ideological and cultural divides.”

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