WebChat #36: Mary Kraus on Work Systems

We wrapped up our first year of WebChats where we began, in Pioneer Valley Cohousing. Our first WebChat was one year ago in October of 2018. Jerry Koch-Gonzalez shared with us from his home office. Last week was even more fun because I got to sit with Mary Kraus in person as we finished the year with our 36th WebChat. We are celebrating much great information made available to the cohousing community.

Mary gave us great information on creating work systems in community. She gave us an overall framework for looking at work (see below) and then offered examples and stories of how they work and answered our questions. Like all things cohousing, there are many, many kinds of systems that work. I think Mary covered them all!

General Work

  • What work to include as community work?
  • What are the work expectations?
  • How do you connect people to the work?
  • Enforcement

Meal Program Work

  • Include in general work system or separate system?
  • Does every member have to participate in meals work?
  • How many meals/week?
  • How to arrange meal jobs?
  • Payment System

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