WebChat#7: Improving Communication

What a great conversation to start off 2019. Ronnie Rosenbaum gave a clear and thoughtful presentation on communication in cohousing with so many tangible ideas to start using right away.
Watch the full WebChat at this link:https://youtu.be/qVSvPCcHCMI
Ronnie spoke on two primary points:
1. Individual Communication Skills
– goal is connection
– focus on hearing and understanding
– be aware of feelings and needs
– apply Non-Violent Communication
– practice
2. Community Practices for Communication
– have clear expectations
– orientation for new members
– designated facilitator with some skills
– clear email guidelines
– comment box
– communicate institutional memory
– transparency
– training
– social capital meetings
We hope you will enjoy the full recording and join us next week for Katie McCamant on hiring professionals.

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