Your Cohousing Association: Keeping Us Alive and Well

That title may have gotten your attention! Your Cohousing Association is, thank you, alive and well – but only as long as we receive financial support from our communities and individuals. Coho/US is by design a lean and mean organization; our financial needs are modest, but we do need steady support.

Has your community made a gift of support this year? Our success in being recognized by Fannie Mae alone is worth support, yes? Or our examination of aging in cohousing, the opportunities, and challenges. Or establishing a National Cohousing Open House Day. I could go on…. take a look at these tools for a community conversation. Many thanks to these communities who have given in 2016.

Are you planning to make a donation yourself? The Cohousing Association is a 501(c)3 charitable organization – meaning gifts are tax deductible. Giving is easy and appreciated and feels good. If you consider how cohousing has changed your life; how cohousing has made a dent in our otherwise hyper-individualized society; how cohousing values of resilient communities may be a crucial model to combat climate change: isn’t that incentive to invest in your association?

Mostly, just do it: Donate Now. You will feel good, I promise.

Many thanks!

Alice Alexander, your part-time compensated but full-time committed Executive Director

P.S. Why do you and your community support Coho/US? Share with me!

Why Support Coho/US?

** You want to inspire the growth of cohousing;

** You appreciate Coho/US as a connector to resources and conferences for learning and networking;

** You recognize the influence of a national association in attracting the public to cohousing and potential new members for your community.

What does your gift support?

Coho/US 2016 operational budget of $80,000 funds our:

Small but dedicated part-time staff;

Hosting; including the Cohousing Directory and Classified Ads for home sales

Resources for creating and living in cohousing;

Planning for Regional and National Conferences;

Hosting the National Cohousing Open House Day;

Educating and attracting the public to cohousing;

Advocacy for cohousing-friendly environment; and

Initiatives, such as Fannie Mae support, aging in cohousing, and analyzing costs to live in cohousing





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