Thank you to everyone who made the “live” portion of this event so wonderful. This includes speakers, volunteers and every participant. Your presence, your questions, your present energy is lovely. With our largest online event to date, we’ve proven once again that cohousers are amazing! Thank you!

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Please take a few minutes to fill out the feedback form, here. We do read every word and value your thoughts about what worked and what can make our next event even better.


Recordings and support materials will be posted here as they are processed. This means that the content will populate gradually over the next week or two. Refresh this window often for the latest available material. We will send an email to all registered participants when processing is complete and everything has been posted.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Event Schedule

9:00a10:00a11:00a12:00pWelcome and Intro – Ballroom
9:20a10:20a11:20a12:20pKeynote with Mary Gaylord – Ballroom
9:50a10:50a11:50a12:50pNetworking – Ballroom Prompts
10:15a11:15a12:15p1:15p Break (15 min)
10:30a11:30a12:30p1:30pSession 1 descriptions (60 min)
Options (Choose a room below):
– Cultivating Cooperation – Room 1
– Keeping Kids Connected Room 2
– Power, trauma and conflict Room 3
– Participatory Design Room 4
11:30a12:30p1:30p2:30p Break (15 min)
11:45a 12:45p 1:45p2:45pSession 2 descriptions (60 min)
Options (Choose a room below):
– Dynamic Governance – Room 1
– Introverts & Extroverts Room 2
– Talk to Each Other Room 3
– Online Retreats Room 4
12:45p1:45p2:45p3:45p Break (15 min)
1:00p2:00p3:00p4:00p Session 3 descriptions (60 min)
Options (Choose a room below):
– Consensus Challenges – Room 1
– Great to Grow Up Room 2
– Can I hear you now? Room 3
– Mindful Cohousing Room 4
2:00p3:00p4:00p5:00pClosing and TakeAways Ballroom
2:30p3:30p4:30p5:30pOpen Discussions – Click here for options and zoom rooms or to add your own.
3:00p4:00p5:00p6:00pEnd of Event

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