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What are the systems that make our communities work? Everything from budgeting to work day planning, capital reserves to paying for common meals. If you have a system, a spreadsheet, a policy for it, this is a great place


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Rob Peck of Zestworks 

Coho Math: IQ + EQ = WeQ

High functioning communities are always a blend of head smarts and heart smarts. They know how to synergize IQ and EQ to tap into their collective intelligence, and harness their combined WeQ (group wisdom) by playing to people’s strengths, and pooling their resources.

In this enlivening keynote, motivational humorist Rob Peck points out that to really do “the coho math” core principles have to become common practices. Key steps include shifting from the Golden Rule to The Platinum Rule, persistently applying Stephen Covey’s 5th Habit (of Highly Effective People) and rigorously remembering a 9 word aphorism- Validate, Before You Advocate What You Want To Initiate (and for extra credit, a “complementary 6 letter acronym”; WHOOPS  When Humans Overcome Obstacles, Providence Smiles!)

12 Informative Content Sessions

Participate in three live on the day of the event. Watch the other 9 as recordings at your leisure.

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Nuts & Bolts ^ Bios ^ Cost ^ Program ^ Schedule ^ Sessions ^ Online Conference FAQ