500 Communities Program & Other Great Conference Gatherings

If you’ve signed up for the Cohousing Conference, you may have chosen your intensives or mapped out your top picks for sessions. Well, if I could direct your eyes to the Networking Tab on the Conference webpage, there’s another way to connect with specific groups during your downtime. There are many free gatherings offered, ranging from a discussion on housing affordability with Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing to one on Looking to the Future of the well-utilized Cohousing-L email list. I highly encourage you to take advantage of these free “extras!”

There’s one gathering that needs a little explanation:Sunday at 10:30 AM: 500 Communities (Katie McCamant)

The 500 Communities Program, an educational intensive for new cohousing professionals, is ready to launch curriculum for its first-year Associate class in September. Resumes are flowing in! The Program envisions growing a collaborative network of consultants, ready to start developing the next wave of communities in their regions.

For a primer before the 500 Communities gathering (all are welcome to join), you can read more on CoHousing Solutions’ website, including:

*Into to the Program Webinar*Engagement Demographics*The Program Timeline*The Application Process

Here’s to a great Conference!

Spread the word to your friends, family, fellow cohousers and cohousers-to-be. Only 1 week left for the discounted registration rate.



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