Aging Better Together Conference: Making Senior Cohousing a Reality

Like many other baby boomers, the experience of caring for elder parents had a profound effect on my vision of aging in America. Although, my work had been focused on improving the lives of seniors through the use of technology and options for aging in place, the realities of aging in place didn’t hit me until I became a full time caregiver.

This experience created a new and powerful purpose for me. There had to be a better way! Research has shown that the highest quality of life can be found in a community of peers who care about each other’s wellbeing. So I began my search for models for aging in community and… here I am today; joining others who are committed to building senior-friendly cohousing communities in the U.S. I founded SageHill Cohousing Partners in 2014 to make senior friendly cohousing communities a benchmark for aging in Utah and surrounding states.

I can’t tell you how many times when introducing the concept of senior cohousing people light up and say, “My friends and I have always said that someday we want to live near and grow old together.” When I ask what is holding them back they reply, “It’s a dream of ours but we don’t know how to wrap our arms around it; to make it a reality.” This motivated me to create the Aging Better Together Conference in partnership with Coho/US.

Join us at the Conference to learn how to make aging in a community, surrounded by others committed to knowing and caring about each other, a reality for YOU.

My vision is to create 10 senior cohousing communities in the next 10 years in the Inter-mountain Region. Please come find me at the conference, I would love to share information on local groups coming together with diverse visions and focus.

I look forward to meeting you in May,

Cindy Turnquist

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