Aging Better Together: The Power of Community May 20-21, 2016

We’ve created a new title for our Aging in Community Cohousing Conference, to capture our approach. We will enjoy gathering opportunities the evening of May 19th, and the conference will launch early morning on May 20 and continue through an evening event on the 21st.

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May 20 – 21, 2016

Aging Better Together: The Power of Community

An information packed conference on aging in community and the cohousing model

Salt Lake City, Utah

Co-Produced by Coho/US and SageHill Cohousing

Coho/US is recruiting for presenters. Visit
Please join us for a two-day information packed conference on aging in community and the cohousing model. In answer to the nation’s “elder boom,” our goal is to fuel a nationwide development of senior friendly cohousing communities that support successful aging in both adult-focused and intergenerational communities. We also aim to spark conversations about aging within our existing communities, and share community programs that demonstrate healthy, vibrant aging.

You will discover the power of aging in community from cohousing leaders and professionals, aging and care experts, leaders in conscious eldering, lenders and policy makers who understand that successful aging is as much about purposeful living and caring about the well being of your neighbors as it is about beautiful architecture, universal design and sustainability.

This conference holds the answers for creating a highly functioning senior friendly community. You will learn how to get started, meet the people who can help make it happen, and learn best practices from others who have already made the journey. There is something for everyone – those exploring the idea, newly forming groups or existing communities with aging members.

The University of Utah Guest House and Conference Center is a beautiful venue where we can create a Cohousing Village for the weekend. This unique venue was the official 2001 Olympic Village and provides 180 guest rooms with 30,000 square feet of creative meeting spaces, including a historic 1930 theater, perfect for presenting cohousing films and presentation. We encourage all conference participants to stay at the Guest House, with a conference discount rate of $109.00, which includes breakfast and lots of amenities. Stay tuned for reservation information.

Advisory Committee:

Steven Ablondi, Memel Organics

Alice Alexander, Coho/US

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach

Charles Durrett, The Cohousing Company

Nancy Francis, Sage Cohousing International

Linda Herman, Linda Herman Consulting

Alan O’Hashi, Silver Sage Village Cohousing

Cindy Turnquist, SageHill Cohousing

Ann Zabaldo, MidAtlantic Cohousing

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