Aging Succesfully 2014: Senior Cohousing weeklong workshop coming in October to Nevada City,CA

I participated in the first two years Chuck Durrett offered this workshop, and found it gave me a strong base of understanding of the essential elements for Aging in Community, enabling me to teach the Danish “Successful Aging” curriculum that is part of the best path to getting Senior Cohousing off the ground. It’s a beautiful setting for a powerful week of engagement with the tools to move the movement forward.- Raines

Who do you know who would like to create more Senior Cohousing?

As you may know, we have a senior housing crisis in this country. Those seniors now living in cohousing were lucky enough to figure it out and move into a state-of-the-art community. But otherwise, too many good seniors are living in single-family houses where they raised their family, but which are not fit for a successful aging scenario, nor for a sustainable future. Too many seniors are left with no other alternative than assisted living. A recent national study contends that 40% of the seniors in assisted care today are prematurely institutionalized. That’s what happens when you don’t live in a supportive community — you have to be close to services in case you need someone.

The cohousing concept honors seniors and offers its residents community, security, and a healthy lifestyle that enables them to successfully age-in-place.
We’ll be hosting our senior cohousing development seminar Aging Successfully 2014 at the Nevada City Cohousing Community. This year the syllabus will expand to include topics related to “How to Get Senior Cohousing Moving at a Faster Pace in North America.” I think that you will really enjoy this conversation.

This 5-day workshop will bring together professionals involved in cohousing and senior cohousing around North America who are motivated to look at the big picture as well as the particulars of budget, siting, and the other details involved in getting their specific projects built.

This is the most comprehensive training available in North America to help seniors plan for successful aging and create new senior cohousing communities. Five days of hands-on learning with the world’s premiere experts in creating cohousing:

Charles Durrett

Chuck is the award-winning architect who pioneered the cohousing movement in the U.S. with, his partner and wife, Kathryn McCamant. McCamant & Durrett Architects has designed more than 50 cohousing communities in the United States and Canada. Chuck lives in the 34-unit Nevada City Cohousing community with 20 seniors.

James Leach

James has developed innovative housing since 1965 and is president of Wonderland Hill Development Company (, the largest developer of cohousing in the U.S. Since 1990, Jim has developed 18 cohousing communities, including Silver Sage, one of the first senior communities in the U.S. and where he lives.

Kathryn McCamant

Katie is a founding principal of McCamant & Durrett Architects, The Cohousing Company, and Cohousing Partners. In her 20 years of experience, she had acted as project manager and developer for cohousing groups, developing eight communities in Northern California, and consulting on dozens of others. Katie lives in Nevada City Cohousing.

Come join us for Aging Successfully 2014 this October 6–10 in Nevada City, California. You can be instrumental in creating the vibrant small town community life that today’s seniors truly want, right now. EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT UNTIL AUGUST 15
Please refer to our website, for workshop details and additional information. Feel free to share this information with your friends, family, and network. If you or they need help or have questions you can give me a call (530) 265-9980 [Mon-Fri, PST].

Let’s reinvent community together!





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