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Sunnyside Village, located 35 miles north of Seattle, is Washington State’s newest cohousing community to progress from an inspired dream to homes under construction. It’s hard to believe that four years after the purchase of our five acres of land, neighboring one of the Salish Sea’s many estuaries, we are – drum roll – well into our community’s building phase!

Construction of the community roads and in-ground utilities began in September of last year. Construction of our homes will start in July of this year, just a few months down the road, with move-in dates staggered over the following 9 to 18 months.

Sunnyside has a strong focus on working together, environmental sustainability, and healthy living. The 5-acre village will include 32 privately owned detached 2- and 3-bedroom 1,200 sq ft homes. Community features will include a shared multiuse common house, community workshop, greenhouse, organic garden, orchard, walking paths, and protected woodland.

If you’re interested in less loneliness and more hanging out with others, greater support for your busy family, a community that takes care of the environment, and nurtures a healthier lifestyle – check us out. Take a look at our Sunnyside Village website and if Sunnyside feels like the right cohousing community for you, attend one of our weekly Introductory Zoom Meetings.

Not sure why exactly but spring is a particularly busy time at Sunnyside for new members and home sales. Twenty-seven of our 32 homes have already sold. We have begun to think of it as our community’s spring rite of passage! If cohousing in the Pacific Northwest resonates with you, now is the time to act.

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Sunnyside Village Cohousing
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