Creating Cohousing – NE Summit

Building Cohousing To Do List:

Find Land, Invite New Members, Plan (another) Info Meeting, Hire Architect . . .

For those creative and industrious people who are birthing brand new cohousing communities, the list can feel endless, so why would you add “Attend the NE Cohousing Summit”?

My answer is “energy and passion”. Of all the things you need to build a community (land, money, people, knowledge, etc) the most essential of all are energy and passion. It can be tough to stay on track when the project seems overwhelming. It can be hard to remember why this is such a good idea when move-in day is still years away. When energy starts to ebb, connecting to the broader cohousing community is a great shot in the arm.

At the NE Summit (Registration now open!), you’ll find knowledge, ideas and maybe even members, but most of all, you will be bathed in the passionate energy of cohousers. You’ll meet others who have been where you are and made it to the next milestone, ready to cheer you on. You’ll meet people who are eager to learn from your experience and remind you of how far you’ve come. You’ll meet people who are already living the dream and ready to share about life in community and show you how worthwhile your efforts are.

Cohousing is more than a neighborhood, it is a commitment to relationship that is desperately needed in the world right now. You are doing incredible work. We all benefit from your success. Give yourself the gift of renewed energy, or sponsor another member of your group to come and bring renewed passion back to you.

Register now for early bird discounts and best selection of intensives. I’ll see you there!…

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