Culture Change and Personal Transformation

Joe Cole’s recent WebChat focused on the challenges in community and the potential they provide for growth and transformation.  Living in community may be the hardest thing we ever do, and also the most rewarding.  

The cultural infrastructure of a community guides the transformation from competitive culture to cooperative culture and determines the types of relationships a community will have.  In this WebChat Joe addressed two specific areas of growth and change for communities: working with conflict and addressing racism. 

Working with conflict and emotional energy in community is essential to creating a positive cultural infrastructure.  While there are a variety of strategies for working with conflict, all require intention, practice and willingness to look at one’s own contribution to the conflict.  

Community is a powerful place to address racism. Creating an effective community culture includes increasing awareness of the way racism impacts all of us and becoming intentional about growth and development around racism.  

For more on these topics, watch the full WebChat here. Slides here.

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