Gail Bagley

Gail Bagley

Friends and Neighbors Cohousing
Lakeland, FL

My first 17 years were in New Jersey, but I have lived in Florida since 1970.  I was fortunate to have a 34-year career with an international high- tech industrial distribution firm as VP of Operations.  My retirement passion is serving older adults through a local non-profit which provides referral services and educational programs.

I love cohousing and have a particular interest in seniors living in cohousing.  I hope to see more communities provide positive aging in place strategies.  I have visited over 20 cohousing communities, attended regional and national conferences and workshops, and previously served as president of the non-profit SAGE Senior Cohousing Advocates board, prior to its merging with CohoUS.  

I am the founder of Friends and Neighbors Cohousing, LLC, a forming community in Lakeland, FL geared to the unique interests of vibrant elders.

For fun, I have been an Outing Leader with the Sierra Club since the 1990s and led my first backpacking trip when I turned 60.  I also enjoy working out with a trainer, book club, meditation, and kayaking on Florida’s beautiful rivers.

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