Maintenance and Adaption Track at the NE Summit

Maybe someday we’ll figure out how to build communities that fix themselves. Until we manage that, join us at the NE Cohousing Summit this September to learn how to keep your community in good working order. From getting the work done, to making sure you have the money to pay for it, and even making needed changes, our Saturday sessions will give you tools for keeping your community vibrant, financially stable and in good working order.

Cohousing communities have challenges that are different from single family homes or traditional condos. We also have different resources for addressing those challenges. While we are different from conventional communities, we often have a lot of the same problems as cohousing communities across the country. Coming together to hear best practices for collaborative communities can help you avoid mistakes others have already learned from.

Visit the conference website to see the great programs available. We’re hoping they will entice you to join us and add your experience to the conversation. Register early for best rates and intensive availability.…

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