Make New Friends

My favorite thing about attending conferences is the people that I meet. Don’t get me wrong, the information gleaned while attending intensives and sessions is invaluable, but what I really love is the informal conversations with other conference attendees when waiting for the elevator or while sitting in the hotel lobby lounge. This is when you might hear about creative use of an old space, or of someone’s challenges with community neighbors that might be similar to an experience you had just a few months ago in your own community, or perhaps you learn of a fun, unique tradition that you can take home to share and implement with your community.

Here come those opportunities again! Once you have completed your registration for the Colorado conference April 20-22nd, make sure you reserve your lodging at the Millennium Harvest House. This venue has a beautiful outdoor patio and backs to the Boulder Creek path, in case you are a walking while talking kind of person.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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