Sparking the Conversation: Cohousing on Wisconsin NPR

We’ve all come across the kinds of stories that are meant to be shared. An article a friend recommends or a radio program we hear on the way to work and can’t stop thinking about all day. Well, cohousing has been in the story spotlight lately – and with Conference registration having recently opened, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream? a CityLab article written by Chris Bentley has made its rounds both within and outside the cohousing world in the month since its writing. With 6,700 shares and counting, it’s clear the boomer-driven cohousing “boom” is at the forefront of many people’s minds. Chris’s well-researched article includes interviews with both Alice Alexander of U.S. Cohousing and Katie McCamant of CoHousing Solutions.

But the sharing didn’t stop there. Just yesterday afternoon, Kathleen Dunn from Wisconsin NPR spoke with Chris on her show, and featured a cohouser guest alongside, Jerry McIntire. Jerry was project manager for Stones Throw Ecovillage in Viroqua, Wisconsin. During the hour-long program, Kathleen asked both Chris and Jerry to provide deeper insights into cohousing – Jerry from firsthand experienced and Chris from his extensive study. Listeners were encouraged to call-in with their feedback and questions. Please feel free to view and share the program recording.

With an invitation from Alice, we’re pleased Chris Bentley will be joining us as a freelancer at the National Cohousing Conference in May. It will provide him a first-hand glimpse into the cohousing network at its strongest, and though we won’t hold him to it – perhaps a follow-up article will surface afterwards!
Speaking of promotion, please do encourage those in your community and future/interested cohousers to follow the Cohousing Conference’s Twitter feed for the latest Conference updates, and to join in the dialogue up through and during the Conference!

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