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In principle, the three fundamental steps that make a meeting great are to (1) plan what you are going to meet about, (2) actually meet according to the plan, and then (3) write up the meeting results. Practical tip: In the case of an upcoming meeting, the meeting facilitator and/or group leaders...
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In principle, the best group decisions are based on shared understanding of everyone's perspective, and the best way to get a quick read of where everyone stands is to take a straw vote. A straw vote is not a real vote; it does not count over the long run, like straw. Someone might say, “Let's just...
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In principle, it is a shared vision that holds a group together; a common view of how people want things to be different in the future. If my opinion of how things should change does no overlap with yours, in at least a tiny way, we have no reason to work together. It may be that we disagree on...
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