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Sunday September 23rd, 2018 830am-6pm Tours of Regional Cohousing Communities These Tours require an additional fee. Transportation and food will be on-your-own. We will provide maps, addresses and times that various communities will be welcoming conference attendees to their community for a...
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I recently returned from the Coho/US Regional Conference in Boulder, CO and I’m still high on the vitality that we shared the entire weekend. Wherever you looked, the almost 200 attendees were talking intently, meeting new people, sharing experiences, hopes, and dreams for the future. Plus it all...
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I just made my annual contribution of $100 to I do this every year because of the many benefits the organization has provided me: support, friendship, resources, and inspiration. Each year I choose ten organizations that are important to my life and my community, and I make a...
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I don't hardly know where to start! Thank you so much to Silver Sage Village and Wild Sage to hosting our day of intensives which attendees very much enjoyed. We all met new people and reconnected with cohousing friends during the reception. Katie McCamant talked about 'reintegrating community in...
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Curious about cohousing? Want to see what it's really like? Compare communities? Get inspired? Now's your chance. It's that time again! National Cohousing Open House Day is tomorrow, Sunday, April 29, 2018. We've got over 60 cohousing neighborhoods across the country participating this year,...
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September 21-23, 2018 Amherst, MA This regional cohousing conference is for : People that want to learn about cohousing, how to create it, how to live it Those that are forming a cohousing community, whether you're just starting or already building Residents who currently live in...
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It’s the first question newcomers ask when introduced to consensus (or consent) decision-making: What if you just can’t agree? My answer is usually, “That’s when the really good stuff happens!” It is too. It’s when we are pushed to be thoughtful, collaborative and creative and find solutions no one...
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