Then and Now: Two Cohousing Conferences – Each A Different Purpose

When I attended the Cohousing Conference in Oakland in 2012 I was exploring the cohousing concept, attending workshops on finance and Getting-It-Built, as well as visiting retrofitted cohousing communities. I joined a forming group in Sacramento because I wanted to continue to live where I’d been for 40 years.

In 2013, I visited Wolf Creek Lodge an hour away. It was a new senior cohousing community (built in 2012) and suddenly I started to consider living there. It seemed a good fit, with people who were active and liked to do the activities I did. I visited again, and then again to stay three days. Another visit to experience a general meeting and I was hooked. Whew! I’d never made such an important decision so fast. I moved in before all the units were sold. I’ve lived there for a year and half and it’s turned out to be the right decision for me.

Now I’m attending the Cohousing Conference with new reasons. As a relatively new community, Wolf Creek Lodge is revisiting decisions made before move-in. Nancy and I are coming to see what other communities do, especially communities that have been together for more that a few years. What traditions have built up over time? We are also interested in other senior communities with the unique needs and opportunities of a totally adult environment, confronting aging together.

We’re coming with enthusiasm for the concept and are willing to share information about our special adult mountain cohousing community: Wolf Creek Lodge in Grass Valley, CA.

Joyce RasmussenMember of Wolf Creek Lodge Cohousing in Grass Valley, CA2013 – Present

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