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Breaking the Mold

Mosaic Commons

My neighbour just pointed us to this interview with a social scientist whose new book "How we live now" includes discussion of cohousing. It starts off with a picture of our community, Mosaic Commons (pic by Tim Pierce, article by Jessica Gross) - Breaking the Mold: Social scientist Bella DePaulo’s research reveals a broader array of lifestyles—from our relationships to our living spaces—than many of us could dream up.

Not on everyone’s map

Stone's Throw Ecovillage

True story: for three years my wife and I looked for a small town to call home. People thought we were crazy to leave Portland, Oregon where we had met, married, and gave birth to our precious son. The ever-growing popularity, the crowds, the traffic, the ever-escalating prices, the pace in Portland all motivated us.

Problems with the 2015 National Conference

Here’s my take on what went “wrong” at the conference:

1. Overall length of conference — waaay too short.

2. Length of individual presentation times — too short. Sessions went over as attendees continued asking questions I wanted answers to.

3. Food — Gained 1 lb.

4. Too many competing GREAT sessions. Very very frustrating.

5. Too many new people I didn’t get to meet.

6. Too exciting — not enough down time.

The Power of Consensus

I recently gave a tour of FrogSong, my cohousing community, to a group of local university students. During my talk I shared this story about the power of consensus decision-making. Even though this event happened fifteen years ago, I still choke up in the telling.

Creating Traditions

candle line

I'm excited for the conference! When I'm not being the lead techie for the association, I pay a lot of attention to singing, celebrations, and traditions. On Thursday night of the conference I'll be talking about singing in community, and singing with as many of you as will join me.

On Saturday morning, I'll be leading a facilitated discussion / experiential session on creating traditions in your community. There will be some talking, but more hands on creation of something you can bring home.

Books from our childhood memories

Here’s a short excerpt from an article by Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, a cohousing community forming in Eugene, Oregon, that first appeared in Communities magazine #164 (Fall 2014) – Community Conversations.

“The Sneetches and Other Stories,” “Hatchet,” “The Happy Hollisters,” “The Secret Garden,” “The Little House,” “Henry Reed, Inc.,” “A Child’s Garden of Verses,” “Paddle-to-the-Sea,” “Bone Games,” “Black Beauty,” “Nancy Drew mysteries,” and “Native American chief histories.”

Were Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing members and friends at a book club meeting?


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