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Journey to Ahhh….Part 3

 The Value of a Relationship with a creative, inclusive Architect with Cohousing Experience Hello again from the forming inclusive and diverse cohousing community of Our Home – Cathedral Park! We’ve been asked by CohoUS to share some of the secret sauce we are employing to bring our community together. In our last post, we talked... Read More

Design Process WebChat

In her recent WebChat, architect Laura Fitch reviewed her Intensive Workshop process for helping future residents design their cohousing communities. The weekend-long workshops (one each for site, common house, units and eco-programming) include information and decision-making about elements of design as well as expertise in consensus or sociocracy.  Community members participate in the desig

Compassion: A Secret Ingredient

Imagine you have been a member of a forming cohousing group for several months now, and you have just joined the circle for a big decision-making meeting about the vision and future of this community where you hope to live. You’re nervous. You have some health concerns, and you absolutely need to have a clean... Read More

Balancing Privacy and Community with Design in Cohousing

Reposted from PBS website: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/balancing-privacy-community-design-c… Architect Laura Fitch describes cohousing communities as “privacy within your home and community at your doorstep.” Cooperative living arrangements have existed across a number of cultures for centuries. But the concept took a new form in Denmark in the early 1970s with the establishment

PBS Interview with Laura Fitch

Nice Article with photos of Mosaic Commons & JP Cohousing! “The design process and the management process are things that actually mix the community together, so that you have to get to know each other in order to make these decisions.” — Architect Laura Fitch http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/balancing-privacy-community-design-c…

Fitting Historic Houses into Bristol Village Cohousing

Vermont is a state of small towns, and among them, the village of Bristol is unique. It is the commercial hub of five rural townships, featuring an old-fashioned Main Street lined with shops and restaurants. A turn-of-the-century Town Hall rises in the center of the village, one part municipal office, one part cultural center. Across... Read More

25 Years and Still Going Strong: Muir Commons & Cohousing in America

This year Muir Commons celebrates its 25th anniversary. This means 25 years of cohousing in the United States! Even at the very beginning of this project, which is located in Davis, California, Katie and I could envision other cohousing communities taking root in the U.S. It was a dream we shared with many others. And... Read More