WebChat #18 Conflict:Interpersonal or Systemic

Liz Magill offered our 18th WebChat with advice for community support teams who help community members work with conflict.

She started off with a list of 8 questions she recommends support teams ask themselves when they receive a request:

1. Is this conflict covered in the committee mandate?

2. Is it an individual or community issue?

3. Who in the story is the person who needs help?

4. Does the committee have the resources to provide the help?

5. Is this something that can be solved?

6. Are the people involved willing to be part of the resolution?

7. Who are the people on the team that can handle this?

Liz then gave us example, led a discussion and shared advice regarding question 2. Of this question gets complicated as there may be many entwined issues, and issues that are presented as community issues may actually be individual issues and vice versa.

You can watch the full WebChat at https://youtu.be/BZICkLI10qI

Join Liz at the 2019 National conference in Portland for her longer sessions on these topics.

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