Coalition for Racially Diverse Cohousing

CohoUS seeks participants for its newly established Coalition for Racially Diverse Cohousing. Ideal members have a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and an interest in supporting the pursuit of racial justice within the cohousing movement. We welcome applications from individuals with experience in housing, racial justice work, community organizing and other relevant fields. Experience living in cohousing is not required. We seek to include a diverse set of perspectives and identities, recognizing that many of these identities have historically been left out, silenced, and marginalized within the cohousing movement. 


The Coalition for Racially Diverse Cohousing (CRDC) is a group of individuals committed to supporting the Cohousing Association of the US (CohoUS) in their pursuit of a more racially diverse cohousing movement. The coalition will comprise CohoUS board, staff and other individuals committed to social justice and the transformation of housing. With support from organizational consultants, the coalition will examine the organization, movement and cohousing communities with an eye towards racial justice. They will engage in training and reflection alongside coalition members, and will support the development of organizational values from which CohoUS will work. Finally, they will provide insight into the development of a roadmap for CohoUS’ future operations and programming.  


  • Members will attend seven sessions over the course of one year
    • One 1-hour launch event (March 2023)
    • Four 90-minute facilitated sessions (March – September) on the following topics:
      • Values & vision
      • Implicit Bias
      • Conversation Training 
      • Foundations for Organization and Movement Building: Strategy, Structure and Relationship
    • One 2-hour Roadmap Workshop (November 2023)
    • One 1-hour closing event (December 2023) 
  • Members may be called upon to engage in additional exploration and conversations throughout the year. This may include designing and supporting community outreach, speaking at virtual events, connecting in small groups, etc
  • Option to participate in ongoing work in 2024 including the National Cohousing Conference 


  • All non-BOD and staff participants may choose one of the following benefits:

Please apply here by February 24

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