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Program Recordings

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Session 1
Association Updates
Lew Bowers, Owen Jarvis, Elena Pereyra , Kathy McGrenera, Peter Bakker

Updates from the USA, CAN, GBR, AUS and NLD.

Botanico Virtual Tour
Federico Bisschop

Virtual tour of Botanico in Belgium
Cohousing BotaniCo is part of the Hertogensite in the heart of Leuven. The former school was renovated into 28 sustainable apartments. In addition to a private apartment, the residents enjoy spacious communal functions. They share a large kitchen for parties, dining space, laundry room, guest bedrooms, children’s play area and hobby rooms. There is also a spacious city garden, parking spaces and a bicycle shed. The houses are equipped with quality materials and the latest sustainable techniques: underfloor heating and sanitary hot water via geothermal drilling.

Supporting Documents:
Marmalade Lane Virtual Tour
Frances Wright

Virtual Tour of Marmalade Lane in the UK with Frances Wright

Housing 21 Virtual Tour
Bruce Moore

Virtual Tour of Housing 21 in the UK

US Development Models
Katie McCamant and Joren Bass

Cohousing Pioneer Katie McCamant (Cohousing Solutions) will discuss the most common US cohousing development models. Joren Bass (UD+P) will share specific examples from around the US.

Cohousing Friendly Polici
Angelica Rojas-Gracia and Yunhwa Chung

In the past decade following the first International Cohousing Summit, several countries have passed legislative and planning policies to encourage the development of cohousing schemes. We will hear from In the past decade following the first International Cohousing Summit, several countries have passed legislative and planning policies to encourage the development of cohousing schemes. We will hear from Angelica Rojas-Gracia (IncluDesign, Australia) along with Nanju Do and Yunhwa Chung (Seoul Metropolitan Government) on their initiatives.

Session 2
Gleis 21 and Audewide Virtual Tours
Marcus Zilker

Virtual Tour of Gleis 21 and Audewide

Indruk Virtual Tour
Federico Bisschop

Indruk in Antwerp Virtual Tour

Supporting Documents:
Cohousing for All
Alicia Delashmutt and Myfan Jordan

Cohousing has attracted a homogenous demographic population. In this session we will hear from Alicia Delashmutt from Our Home in Portland, OR who is developing a cohousing community where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be an integral part of the community. We will also hear from Myfan Jordan who is developing cohousing in Australia for LGBTQIA+ youth using the pivot model.

Support for Forming Groups
Owen Jarvis and Shelly Parks

One of the major challenges for forming groups is resources for how to get started and recruiting new members. The UK has developed “starter kits” for forming groups and Owen Jarvis will share how those initiatives were funded and created.

Shelly Parks is a marketing professional in the US who has helped many communities, including her own, recruit members in the pre-development stage. She will share her top 3 tips for successfully recruiting and maintaining members prior to move-in.

Canadian Development Models
Leslie Shieh, Sarah Arthurs, and Kristopher Stevens

Leslie Shieh from TOMO will discuss the “Cohousing-lite” model her company has employed for Our Village, an urban community in Vancouver BC. And the challenges that she experienced employing other models.

Sarah Arthurs from Cohousing Connections will share how her company has adapted cohousing to the rental market, particularly for the senior housing market.

Kristopher Stevens of Cohousing Options will talk about their collaborations with Indigenous Housing Resources.

Session 3
Durham Virtual Tour

Virtual tour of Durham Central Park Cohousing (USA)

Supporting Documents:
Memel Virtual Tour
Bryan Bowen

Virtual Tour of Memel Cohousing in South Africa

Little Mountain Virtual Tour
Kathy McGrenera

Virtual Tour of Little Mountain Cohousing in Vancouver BC Canada

Capitol Hill Virtual Tour
Mike Mariano

Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing in Seattle, WA

Alternative Development Models
Sam Brown, Tim Riley, and Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Sam Brown is an architect and coordinates the Live Projects Programme at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. Together with young professionals participating in the programme, he will talk about their unique collaboration with OpHouse to provide pre-design services for forming groups and developing project briefs, which can otherwise present a barrier for new groups starting out. Originating as a ‘live’ element of an academic programme, the Live Projects Programme has evolved into Live Works, an off-campus project office offering ongoing services to groups as they acquire land and move into the development phase. In focusing on participatory process and continuing community engagement, the model offers a means to support the community-led housing sector in a context of uncertain and short-term government support.

Tim Riley from Property Collectives in Australia will discuss their collaborative model utilizing impact investment to create citizen-led cohousing communities. Since 2010 Property Collectives has established itself as the leading deliberative development group in Australia. They focus on development advisory for build-to-hold clients; impact investment; and an at-cost, citizen-led, building group model which is developing 80 homes across 10 projects in Melbourne.

Facilitation in Development
Karen Gimnig

Skilled facilitation can smooth the development process for both professionals and community members while laying the foundations for strong community relationships going forward. Karen Gimnig, a process consultant in the US, will share her experience of partnering with design and development professionals. She’ll share a few ideas for professionals as they support communities in making the thousands of decisions involved in development.

Community-led Cohousing
Helen Jarvis, Chiara Casotti, Nanju Do, and Eugenie Stockman

Community led housing initiatives have gained popularity around the globe. We will hear from individuals from Australia, South Korea, Italy, and the UK. Helen Jarvis will start us off with her personal experiences in CoHUT in Newcastle, UK and Chiara Casotti will share about Montesole Cohousing in at Montaldo Torinese (Italy). We will hear Nanju Do’s personal experience with cohousing in Seoul, South Korea and about Eugenie Stockman’s scheme at Kyloring Housing Co-operative (Australia).

Schedule & Recording Links

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Day 1 – Thursday January 13

16:0011:00Welcome (15 min)
16:1511:15Association Updates from the USA, CAN, GBR, AUS, and NLD (45 min) RECORDING LINK
17:0012:00Networking breakout groups (15 min)
17:1512:15Virtual Tours (45 min) Botanico RECORDING LINK , Marmalade Lane RECORDING LINK
18:0013:00Break (15 min)
18:1513:15US Development Models (30 min) RECORDING LINK
19:0014:00Cohousing-Friendly Policies (30 min) RECORDING LINK
19:4514:45Q & A Breakout Rooms (10 min)
19:5514:55Closing (5 min)

Day 2 – Friday January 14

16:0011:00Welcome (15 min)
16:1511:15Support for Forming Groups (AUS) / Marking (USA) (45 min) RECORDING LINK
17:0012:00Networking breakout groups (15 min)
17:1512:15Canadian Development Models (60 min) RECORDING LINK
18:1513:15Break (15 min)
18:3013:30Virtual Tours (45 min) Gleis 21 RECORDING LINK, Antwerp RECORDING LINK
19:1514:15Cohousing for All – Developmental Disabilities (USA) and Transgender Youth (AUS) (30 min) RECORDING LINK
19:4514:45Q & A Breakout Rooms (10 min)
19:5514:55Closing (5 min)

Day 3 – Saturday January 15

16:0011:00Welcome (15 min)
16:1511:15Virtual tours Durham RECORDING LINK, Memel RECORDING LINK, Little Mountain RECORDING LINK, Capitol Hill RECORDING LINK
17:1512:15Networking breakout groups (15 min)
17:3012:30Alt Development Models- Sheffield School/OpHouse (GBR), and Property Collectives (AUS) (60 min) RECORDING LINK
18:1513:15Break (15 min)
18:3013:30Facilitation in Development (15 min) RECORDING LINK
18:4513:45Community Led Cohousing- GBR, ITA, KOR and AUS (60 min) RECORDING LINK
19:4514:45Q & A Breakout Rooms (10 min)
19:5514:55Closing (5 min)

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